Sunday, 10 November 2013

Whats in my bag? (Monster edition)

This is Mike. He is a tiny cross-body bag, roughly the size of my palm and I love him. He also loves to eat candy (which explains the multi-coloured teeth).

I got Mike a week ago during my school picnic to Lamma Island. There are tons of little craft stores there, with cute little handmade stuff like bracelets, scarves and bags. If you're going to be visiting Hong Kong, you have to go there! It's there, in one of those tiny craft stores, that I found Mike. And I haven't been able to let him go ever since.

Mike is the perfect size to hold all my essentials (including my mobile which is lucky cuz it's absolutely ginormous). In my bag I've got an octopus, some cash, apple earphones (which NEVER tangle btw), my mobile, and my favourite lip balm (Which I've done a blogpost on here). All these can just about fit into it, and while I wish it were a bit bigger, who can complain to such a cute face?(;

It has three pockets which makes it really easy to keep things organised. It's also in a really pretty turquoise colour and surprisingly, also goes with a lot of outfits. And It's made with a kind of faux leather fabric which makes it look alot more expensive than it is (keeping in mind it only cost around USD$7.00). This comes in two colours: turquoise and hot pink.

Extra points for looking like Perry the Platypus on the inside!

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