Friday, 13 June 2014

Topshop Does Powder Blush??

 Topshop does powder blushes now. What? Yeah, you heard that right. Powder Blushes.

Topshop have always been famous for their cream blushes. But personally, I've never really been that interested in them, their shades just didn't seem to suit my Asian skin tones. And if their their powder blushes were along the same shades as their cream blushes, honestly, I wouldn't be that interested in them either. But this blush... well let's just say it's a whole other story.

Topshop Powder Blush in Let Her Go HKD$95

I believe this came out during their 2014 spring/summer makeup collection (don't quote me on that). It's a really nice coral-y red, with great pigmentation and staying power. It looks sooo nice on. And it's literally just the perfect shade for summer. I've been testing it out for some months now and I gotta say, I may even prefer it over my Tarte blushes. Almost.

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