Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bellapierre Volumizing Mascara

I swear I'm the only one who hates wearing mascara. I just hate the feeling of having something on my lashes, with a passion. Despite this, I do like long, well-defined lashes. And I believe I have found just the perfect mascara for mascara-haters like me.

I got the Bellapierre mascara for free after purchasing my ghd on last year. At first I wasn't too excited about it. I've never heard of the brand, and the packaging looked a bit cheap, so I just assumed it was a bad mascara. I should have known by now that looks can be deceiving. 

I love everything about this mascara. It has quite a wet formula and a long thin wire-y wand that I quite like. Since I have short sparse lashes, a thin wand really helps to lengthen and separate them. The best thing about this is that I don't feel it on my lashes at all. It gives me a really natural look which I actually prefer to the volumized, thick lash look that everyone else sports. 

Not everyone will like this natural lash look, but for me it's just the perfect everyday eye look.

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