Monday, 25 August 2014

Rimmel Notting Hill Nude Lipstick

I am forever forever in search of my perfect nude lipstick. For me, I want something that's almost the exact color of my lips.

You may be asking me why the hell I would buy myself a lipstick that's just about the same color as my lips. The main reason for that is because my lip color tends to change throughout the day. Not in a weird chameleon kind of way, but just that it can get super flushed or ghostly pale in the time span of about 10 minutes. In consequence, I want something to make sure that my natural lip color stays throughout the day.

On to the reviewin' !!

You can't really tell from this picture, but the color IS more browny in real life.

First of all, the formula is top-notch. Even better than MAC lipsticks in my opinion, which tend to be a tad drying on me (i have only tried the cremesheen finishes but I believe those are the most moisturizing formula in the line so..). The Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks, as the name suggests, IS moisturizing. It's also silky, smooth, and gives my lips a nice sheen. Overall, it's the most comfortable lipstick formulas I've ever tried (and that's lipstick, not lip butter, gloss or any of that jazz). 

As for the color, it's the closest I have ever come to my natural lip color. My lips are naturally more brown than pink, a fact I was unaware of until quite recently. In consequence, I have about one too many nudey-pink lipsticks in my drawers. But alas, all that shall be rectified starting with this lipstick. I'd describe the color as a peachy-brown nude, with a hint of pink. If I'm being honest with myself it has a tad too much brown but other than that the color is perfection. It looks so natural applied that you can't even tell I have lipstick on (in a good way).

All in all I am beyond pleased with my purchase and I can already tell that I am going to wear this everyday 

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